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2019 Rouge River Fishing Report and Map, plus Hunting Public Land, Clubs and Ranches

 Rouge River Fishing Report and Map, plus Local Hunting Public Land, Clubs and Ranches

The Rogue River is located in southern Oregon and courses for 215 miles to Gold Beach on the Pacific. The  source is within the confines of Crater Lake National Park in the Cascade Range.

Different Fishing Seasons on the Rogue:

The Rouge fishes year-round but you can lock down exactly when depending on what you are after.

Winter: Steelhead fishing all the way from December through April. Late January is the high point.

Spring: Steelhead fishing wraps up in April. Salmon  arrive the river in March, April and May.

Summer: Salmon enter the river in the Summer, opening up the summer for these fish. until middle of September when the fall steelhead arrive.  First the half-pounders, then get ready to battle some of the most magnificent fish you will ever encounter.

Fall:  Early November or latter part of  October is the time of Kings,  portending the run of Coho Salmon can fish for both Steelies and King Coho or concentrate on one.

In essence, August - November is prime time along the Rogue.  Prepare for Kings in the 20 plus pound range, but look out for the occasional 50 pounder or more.

The Rouge described, from the Upper to the Lower, and parts in between:

Find Holy Water (it's a fishing place not a religious quest, ok?) on our Fishing Map, and proceeding down river, you have:

The Upper Rogue:

A 28  mile or so section to the Gold Ray Dam.  This is prime steelhead water, much varied in river structure, and is even is fairly wide at points.
Try out these holes:
Our fishing report indicates Cole Rivers Hatchery’s Hatchery Hole . The Sewer Hole  near TouVelle State Park, Givan Park.
Rogue Elk Park,  McGregor Park.

 The Upper Middle Rogue:

Gold Ray Dam to Savage Rapids Dam. It's rapid city here on this section and access is complicated by no trespassing signs.

The Lower Middle Rogue:

Start at Savage Rapids (I guess from the name, caution here, unless you want to avoid walking to next hole) in Grants Pass and go all the way to Grave Creek.  I wonder why that name follows a dangerous section. Hmmm.... Anyway, Grants Pass can be good but below there's not much fly fishing  until Whitehorse..

The Wild Rogue Section

You might see Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon here, reliving the movie made on this river. The River Wild. Take off your "Make America Great Again" hat if you want an autograph. Well, maybe not.  Anyway, The wild  section is  a decent length of 33 miles from  Grave Creek to Foster Bar.
Wear your hiking boots, or, more advisedly, use a boat, as you other wise will need to hike in to get to this entire stretch.

The Lower Rouge Section

From here to the mouth is pretty much bait or lures,  it's not conducive for  fly guys. The great variety of fish don't hang around here much, they have an important agenda of charging upstream,  so is very much hit or miss.


Check our ongoing fishing report for the river flows and temperature and try and fish the first few hours of daylight.


Our fishing Map shows best fly fishing areas, swing streamers or fish weighted nymphs like hair’s ears,  salmon egg patterns.

In summer, terrestrials, such as red ants,  or large dark colored broken back leeches are good.

Click on a county for OREGON or CALIFORNIA Hunting Clubs & Private Ranches:


Click on a county for OREGON Hunting Clubs & Private Ranches:

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